Think safely, act safely and wear safety equipment 

wear safety gloves
gloves to protect hands
wear safety head gear
wear a mask when needed
use a harness for high areas
make sure your harness is on properly

Things to think about when on the job.

Dress properly - clothes not too loose or too tight

No hands in trash - sharp things can be in the trash so use bottom of
container to push down garbage.
Check cord and equipment - make sure there are no cracks or damages
in cord for that can cause a shock
Use grounded equipment - if you are using a three prong and there is
only a two prong power plug, use a grounded attachment. Unscrew
and put in place and make sure to remove when complete

Always unplug by the plug 

bend knees when lifting

Lifting Safety 

Always bend at the knees

Align your left foot with the box and your right foot behind

Keep your back straight

If it’s too heavy get help, push don’t pull, or use a hand truck

Use gloves to protect from sharp objects sticking out
lift properly

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Make sure workers are wearing proper footwear for their work area. If necessary, provide them with the correct footwear.

Use mats and rugs where spills of liquids are likely. Make sure the edges are beveled to prevent tripping and the mat has slip resistant backing.

Make sure stairs are in good working order. Handrails are secure and step edges are easy to see. Avoid using colorful carpet patterns on indoor stairs. Outdoor stairs must be slip resistant and should have striping on each step.

Buy the right flooring for the right work situation. Different flooring has different slip resistance. Ask about slip resistance when buying. 

falling off chair
slipping on rug


Always use the handrail

Mark hazardous spots by for example placing a chair over it

Clean any spills

Pick up small object on floor that may cause and accident ex. pens
falling off ladder
slipping on wet floor
watch out for wet floor
Floor and Ladder safety

Use wet floor signs and block off area with rope

Wear proper shoes ex. running shoes

When using the ladder don’t go passed the 2nd top step, it may cause the
ladder to tip
If you can’t reach move the ladder or get a taller one

floor and ladder safety
wearing safety gear when using chemicals

Dealing With Chemicals 

Avoid heat sources 
Obey label warnings

Wear safety equipment such as gloves and goggles

Keep lids fastened

Follow label instructions

Clean up spills

When storing makes sure you keep chemicals that can’t be mixed


If need to scratch remove your gloves
sign for hazardous chemicals
hazardous chemicals
checking fire hydrant

Safety inspection

Use a safety check list

Keep an accident report

Define your task

Identify hazards or any problems you may see

Find a solution to solve that problem

Eliminate the hazard 

safety inspections
Material Safety Data Sheets

 What M. S. D. S. covers

Chemical Identity - always read labels 

Health hazards - be sure not to smell or taste chemical

Safety precautions - always use gloves and goggles

Handling use and storage of chemicals - never store chemicals that can’t be
mixed together
Emergency procedures - wash off chemical right away if gets on your skin,

then report to supervisor
teach your employees how to deal with hazardous chemicals
Hazardous Chemicals
what to teach your employees
Protective Measures
Explain hazard communication procedures 
hazardous chemicals
Multi Services Cleaning Services, we train our employees to perform
their work safely following WHMIS rules and Safety procedures.

The following procedures are followed

  • * health and safety rules
  • * operation of equiptment
    * reporting injuries
    * reporting unsafe conditions
    * emergency exit routes
    * location of fire extinguishers
    * use of personal protective equipment 


    Fire Safety & Prevention Program